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"NEUTRON TECHNOLOGIES" was created in 2010 to create detectors based on labeled neutrons (MMN), the possibility of production of which appeared as a result of the research program of scientists of the Institute for Nuclear Research in Dubna. This method makes it possible to simplify the detection of dangerous explosives and narcotic substances hidden in hard-to-reach places in sea containers, transport trucks or luggage during air transport.

The investments made by RUSNANO on the recommendation of the FSB of Russia helped bring the promising development to the stage of competitive sales. The newly created production infrastructure made it possible to deliver95 portable special complexes DVIN-1 for scanning when searching for hazardous substances to the busiest railway stations.

"NEUTRON TECHNOLOGIES" based on labeled neutrons creates a technology for searching for diamonds in kimberlite rock, without subjecting it to destruction, on request.

AKALROSA. The same methodology is also applicable in various other areas related to the study of material composition and its properties, without exposing the composition itself to destruction.

The induced radioactivity in the objects of inspection, during the operation of the portable complex DVIN-1, based on the technology of labeled neutrons for the detection of explosive and narcotic substances prohibited for importation, used in accordance with the operating manual, does not pose a radiation hazard.

The dose rate of radioactive radiation from the structures of the neutron generator complex immediately after its shutdown does not exceed 0.4 µSv/hour, and 10 minutes after the shutdown does not exceed the background values.

The basis of the gamma radiation detector are BGO crystals with the size 76 mmx76 mm. The detectors operate in continuous mode.

The company manufactures devices in various configurations, which include a detector for car inspection, a system for inspection of large-sized cargo, a stationary system for identification of explosives and drugs, and other gamma detectors.

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