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The company is engaged in development and implementation of temperature control complexes of current-carrying buses and overhead power lines wires, monitoring systems of moving railway cars and wireless radio-channel sensors of electric current.

STC RUS was founded in 2015. The company specializes in large-scale implementation of innovative systems for monitoring complex technological processes. The company's own production facilities are located in St. Petersburg. Besides St. Petersburg, the company has offices in Moscow and Kazan.

The company is actively developing the innovative area of complex remote monitoring of energy facilities and infrastructure in EnergyNet.

Customers highly appreciated the ease of operation of passive acoustic-electronic sensors, which do not require maintenance and supply elements, but work with all voltage classes. The technological line of the company's products is supplemented by a radio electronic reader that processes signals in the microwave range.

The company also develops complete turnkey solutions. RFSens PLTC network load monitoring system is designed for automatic control of overhead power lines wire state with information transfer to the selected consumer system. This complex combines high temperature measurement accuracy with a measuring range of up to 12 meters and includes ultra-reliable sensors and a 24/7/365 online monitoring system.

RFSens VTS complex is designed to automate the processes of control (monitoring) of the temperature state of contact connections of transformers, outgoing lines, current buses of electrical equipment (switchgear cells) with the transfer of information to the consumer SCADA system. The sensor of the complex is resistant to direct discharges and overheating to +350 ° C.

RFSens RFID system is intended for identification of cars, locomotives, sleepers, any metal constructions and other infrastructure and is supplied with vandal-resistant tags and readers.

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