First Retail Generation Company

First Retail Generation Company

The project provides the creation of a virtual power plant (VE) for the aggregation of objects, gives consumers the opportunity to take advantage of the managed load and energy storage for general participation in electricity markets.

"First Retail Generation Company" was established in October 2013. Its creation was conditioned by the need to purchase electricity and heat for production sites at reduced tariffs.

The Virtual Power Plant project meets the urgent needs of the electricity market in Russia and provides an opportunity for new participants to appear on the electricity market, thus creating a competitive environment and contributing to the price reduction for wholesale consumers.

As a result of the innovative project implementation it is expected to stabilize the actual power supply in some territorial systems, unconditional progress in the field of efficiency and competitiveness, increase the cost of objects participating in the project, fixing of electric energy storage in the system and their ratio with consumers with controlled load in the Virtual Power Systems, competitive prices for electricity consumed, stabilization of controllability of generating organizations, including companies on the basis of the Virtual Power Systems.

The Virtual Power Systems project is included in the programs of cooperation of JSC "OGK-1" with JSC "TPS", JSC "Mobile GTES". Interaction with these companies contributes to the growth of competitiveness of market participants, provides a unique opportunity to attract financing, improves the structural features of the Russian power market.