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Dynamically developing company "Energolit" LLC with modern control system provides complex solutions in the field of power supply and automation for enterprise management systems.

The company was founded in 2011.

The main principle of the company is an individual approach to work with clients. The requirements for certain circuits, configurations and other network solutions and control systems for primary and secondary equipment are strictly fulfilled. The practical issues addressed in the design and production process help to shape the market for high-quality devices that fully meet energy needs.

Based on customer needs, the company develops complete electronic control equipment cycles - design, manufacture and delivery. Devices are designed specifically for large oil and gas companies, manufacturing, energy and large construction and installation companies. Saint-Petersburg and North-West territories of the Russian Federation. The company also has contracts and partnerships with major foreign energy companies (e.g. Siemens, General Electric, Rittal, ABB and Schneider Electric) in order to ensure strict adherence to product deliveries during the day.

The company's capabilities provide customers with an excellent way to personalize their products. Energolit produces energy efficient products and control systems for panels, tanks, removable panels, metal containers, sandwich panels, climate change and any prefabricated components.

The company's clients get unique experience using various functions that allow them to get non-standard electronic equipment for implementing complex technical solutions.

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