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Import substitution: technology for producing titanium dioxide has been created in the Russian Technopark


A resident of the Russian Technopark in Primorsky Krai has created an import-substituting technology for processing ores to produce titanium dioxide. It is used in various industries, for example, for the production of paper and plastic products. It is planned to introduce the technology into production in the spring of 2023.

As Margarita Ibragimova, deputy director of the Russian Technopark of the Far Eastern Federal University (FEFU), noted, the project was named "Titanium".

"The project is now aimed at replacing the import of titanium dioxide," TASS quoted Ibragimova as saying.According to her, the technology in the future will help to avoid situations when there was a shortage of office paper in Russia.

Recall that reports of rising prices and increased demand for paper appeared in March 2022. The deficit was eliminated at the end of May.

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