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LETI University has developed an installation for more accurate treatment of oncological diseases

LETI University has developed an installation for more accurate treatment of oncological diseases

The radiographic equipment, which has no analogues in Russia, was developed by St. Petersburg scientists of SPBSET "LETI". It will improve the accuracy of surgical treatment of oncological diseases and will soon be admitted to one of the leading oncological centers of the country – NMIC of Oncology named after N.N. Petrov. Nikolay Nikolaevich Potrakhov, one of the creators of the equipment, head of the Department of Electronic Devices and Devices of the St. Petersburg State Technical University "LETI", told about the unique development of the editorial office "Made in Russia".

"Now this installation is at the stage of registration of a registration certificate – since it is of medical use, it is impossible without it. And this in turn means that the installation has been mastered in small-scale production. The sponsor of our work is the Eurovenchure Foundation, we have concluded an agreement between LETI and the foundation, thanks to which the first installation appeared. We will be able to replicate the development, we will be able to do as much as the economy needs," Potrakhov told the editorial board of Made in Russia.

For Russia, the development is unique and has no analogues. Moreover, it consists almost entirely of domestic components and will soon be able to fully compete with Western counterparts.

"Such systems are manufactured in the USA, and they have a relatively large market. Now that the topic of import substitution has become relevant in Russia, we have a chance to develop our market. The installation is almost entirely made of components of domestic production. The system was created on the basis of our own developments," Potrakhov said.

The equipment was developed primarily in connection with its need in the field of medicine. As the developer noted, "our doctors asked us to solve such a problem. That is, we were walking away from the needs of the economy."

It should be noted that the complex is a small mobile platform with an X-ray camera, in which a remote area of the breast is placed. To process the image of cancerous tissues, special software and an interface are used that transmits the results of radiography to the monitor. The analysis procedure takes only a few minutes, so it allows you to determine directly during the operation whether the tumor has been completely removed, and, if necessary, repeat the surgical intervention.

The hardware and software complex for the diagnosis of breast cancer tissue is one of the main projects of the Department of Electronic Devices and Devices of SPbSETU "LETI" in the field of development of mobile radiographic and X-ray tomographic installations for various applications.

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