Rostselmash will increase investment in production development
2021-09-13 12:39

Rostselmash will increase investment in production development

The group of companies Rostselmash plans to increase investments into production development from 19.9 billion to 28.5 billion rubles by 2024.

As the company's press service explained, the initial amount was calculated according to an optimistic scenario. Now the projects present realistic figures, taking into account the growing costs, as well as taking into account the expansion of the investment program, TASS writes.

Dmitri Udras, the head of the company, explained that the company initially expected that the transmission plant would have the capacity of 90 thousand gears a year. However, later the capacity of the transmission plant was increased up to 150 thousand units per year. In addition, three new paint facilities were added to the original plans.

Rostselmash also plans to invest in four paint facilities, a new tractor plant, and development of new models of combines and tractors, transmissions, transmissions and axles, and new types of mounted and trailed equipment.

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Author: Maria Buzanakova