British investors have increased the volume of investments in the Moscow economy to $22 billion
2021-09-27 04:49

British investors have increased the volume of investments in the Moscow economy to $22 billion

The volume of investment from Great Britain in Moscow's economy has increased by 1.5 times, to $22 billion, said the Deputy Mayor of the Russian capital, Vladimir Efimov.

"The volume of accumulated foreign direct investment from the UK has increased one and a half times in nine months, from $12.8 billion in April 2020 to $21.9 billion in January 2021," he said.

Now in the capital, according to the Deputy Mayor, there are representative offices of British manufacturers of food products, household chemicals, energy equipment, pharmaceutical and tobacco companies, legal and consulting firms.

In Moscow, at interaction with investors various forms of public-private partnership (PPP) are used. Today the volume of PPP projects in the capital exceeds 1,1 trillion rubles, said Alexander Prokhorov, the Head of Moscow Investment and Industrial Policy Department. He mentioned concessions, life cycle contracts and offset contracts as the most popular forms of city's cooperation with business.

Today in Moscow five concession agreements have been concluded in the field of healthcare, road construction, off-street transport, housing and public utilities and social services. Collectively, investments in these projects amount to about 90 billion rubles.

Today, for example, on five Moscow offshoots companies will invest about 13 billion rubles in the creation or upgrade of the production of medicines, medical products and infant food. In return, the city will purchase products from investors for more than 72 billion rubles. With the help of life-cycle contracts the city updates the rolling stock of the underground and tram fleet, buys electric buses and complex medical equipment. The volume of life cycle contracts exceeds 500 billion rubles.

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Author: Ksenia Gustova