2021-11-19 09:40

"Yandex releases first batch of Russian servers

"Yandex, together with its partners, has released the first batch of servers made in Russia, the company's press service told reporters.

They are based on the fourth generation server developed at Yandex. They are used in data centers to expand the Yandex.Cloud platform and in Yandex's supercomputers - the most powerful in Russia according to the TOP500 project ranking, the IT company said.

The batch of servers is now undergoing testing. It is supposed that in 2022 the servers will be sold under Openyard brand within the joint venture (JV) of Yandex, Lanit group of companies, computer equipment manufacturer Gigabyte and VTB bank.

The servers are designed for work in large data centers, where high performance and energy efficiency are required. They do not require active cooling systems in data centres and can operate at the temperature of 40 degrees Celsius, which reduces electricity costs and infrastructure support in data centres.

It is specified that the first batch of servers was produced at ALT Master's contract manufacturing facility in Zelenograd. The next JV will launch its own plant near Ryazan, which will produce servers, data storage systems, gateways and components for smart devices. The joint venture will invest over 1 billion roubles in the production in the first stage.

It will be recalled that Yandex, Lanit, Gigabyte and VTB announced creation of the joint venture in June 2021. The companies plan to open a development center and a factory that will directly produce servers and data storage systems for data centers, as well as components of "smart devices".

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Author: Karina Kamalova